Prisoner of Fear [Poem]

When I graduated college, my degree was excuses

Laziness was my lady and we were exclusive

I had a dead end job with a 401k

Struggling to make ends meet every single day

Got paid half as much for working twice as hard

Life always happened, it always caught me off guard

I couldn’t give me my best I didn’t know what it was

Why would I give my best? Nobody ever does

I dreamt of first class but I made my home in coach

But I gained wisdom, learned how to change my approach

But when I demanded more of life, it demanded more of me

I realized there was so much more that I could be

Now I’m learning to speak the language of success

But I failed a lot of times I have to confess

It’s a part of the process, it’s helping me grow

Failing shows me what not to do, so now I know

I used to avoid my fears and so the bigger they got

But once I learned to face em, they weren’t as big as I thought

It was all in my head, but now all in my head

Is the faith I require to actually move ahead

Time is your friend when you use her wisely

But time is your enemy if you take her lightly

I realized I was blessed to be a blessing

God expected more, I finally learned the lesson

See I was imprisoned by my fears, but faith set me free

Faith changed my focus, faith helped me see

Clearly and it made me cry dearly

When I realized that’s still where most people will ever be

In prison: I still find them there

In prison: Prisoners of their own fear

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