Let Me Live [Poem]

Dad, so you just heard news that’s unpleasant

Mama called you on the phone, told you she was pregnant

And she’s so young, you are thinking of the shame

Probable chance, I’ll never get to have a name

Because I hear you tell mom that she should abort me

That now is the not the right time but evidently

You don’t see all the things I could be

Give me a fighting chance, pls don’t abort me

This happens way too often

But don’t let mom’s womb become my coffin

Please, I haven’t fully developed my knees

Don’t get rid of me, I’m not a disease

I’m life, I’m not dead weight

Don’t let mom go through this, it’s not too late

Please don’t abort me, we can make a way

If I could speak, this is what I would say

And I know this wasn’t planned, I was unexpected

But in life, you’ve got to expect the unexpected

How come you think you’re mature enough to have sex

But not enough to handle the consequences of what could come next?

And there are people out there praying for a baby

And on the other side, you want to abort me, maybe

I could be the one who finds that cure for cancer

Filled with so many questions, give me an answer

Just imagine me, I’m full of potential

You never know, my office could be presidential

Imagine if it was you in this predicament

I’m pretty sure you’d want things to be different

Now I’m so glad that you chose life

Finally man-ned up and made mom your wife

And for those first few years it was crazy

But you kept moving forward and raised a baby

That little bundle of joy became your pride and joy

He’s now a grown man, but forever your baby boy

And this year he graduates from college

On his way to Engineering School full of knowledge

Ya it was tough for the first few years

You were full of fears, mama was full of tears

But eventually your pain turned into cheers

Aren’t you glad you didn’t listen to your peers

You took responsibility and raised a man

And a pretty good one, see there he stands

Full of ambition and his success is anticipatory

I’m not making this up, based on a true story…

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