Forgiveness [Poem]

I’ve done the research!

There’s a lot of bitter hearts in the church…

Holding grudges, bitterness, and malice…

In the house of God, soft hearts are now callous…

So much hate, gossiping, conflicts…

Aren’t we supposed to be the image of love? This contradicts

Everything the word says in John 13:35

We’re supposed to live off love, but those feeding on hate won’t survive

Love covers a multitude of sins yet it corrects and respects

But it does not delight in evil, that’s the one thing it rejects

Love is the hardest thing to live by

But nowadays people have gotten so numb that they aren’t even willing to try

But Jesus said, “pray for your enemies” do you ever wonder why?

Because it’s hard to hate someone you are always praying for

If only we could see things from the eyes of the lord

Then we’d realize living in un-forgiveness is something we cannot afford

I’m reminded of a story or better yet a parable

About what happens when we don’t forgive, the end result is terrible

A servant owned the king 10 thousand bags of gold

But he couldn’t pay so the king said he along with his wife and children would be sold

And the man fell on his face and begged for mercy swearing he would pay

The king had compassion, forgave his debt, and then he let him go his way

No sooner had the man walked out the door

He saw another worker who owned him a small amount and said “I can’t take this anymore

Pay me now!!!”… And the other worker said, “have patience with me, I promise I will pay.”

But the man said, “NO!” and dragged him to jail that very day.

The other workers contested and told the king.

The king called him back and said “how could you do such a thing?

I forgave you a debt so big yet you couldn’t forgive a debt so small.

Now I’m going to put you in jail until you’ve paid it all!”

What am I trying to say? There’s a lesson to be learned

When forgiveness is given, forgiveness should be returned

And God has forgiven us, so let’s forgive one another.

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