I Have A Dream [Poem]

I have a dream that one day My generation will find the way Out the drugs, violence, poverty, and hate And rise up to be something true, remarkable, and great I have a dream that we’ll be emulated like examples No longer will we be statistics or samples Or dead bodies or dead beat fathers With sons in prison and pregnant daughters I have a dream, our families stay together Come around the dinner table with their kids and pray together I have a dream my generation’s recognizing The power of hard work, a new day on the horizon!

I have a dream that we understand Educated and successful, that should be our brand Faithfulness and loyalty, that should be our band We’re no longer second class, now wouldn’t that be grand? It’s cause we rose up and now we’re making a difference We’re unstoppable, no longer people of ignorance I have a dream that none of us will be in jail Rather we’ll be at the forefront blazing a trail I have a dream my brothers start writing books Start loving sisters for their mind more than their looks I have a dream that one day we’ll truly love our women Respect our women and be faithful to our women

I have a dream that we’ll come and have unity Now that’s a true community I have a dream that we’ll be millionaires Who make our fathers proud and wipe away our mom’s tears I have a dream that we showed more hospitality

that we are not killed by police brutality I have a dream that we know Jesus as lord

And lived by his word and act in accord I have a dream that we are people of love People of wisdom, power, purpose – We got all the above I have a dream that I’m not judged for how I look But rather for my character and the path I took They saying be the change that you want to see So I guess that means it’s gotta start with me So I put in work daily to make this dream come true But hey what about you?

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