What Is Life [Poem]

Life is a journey, not a destination

Filled with a lot of questions like an examination

Life is a race and when you are born, the whistle blew

The only question now is, where are you running to?

Some people run after things that cannot be caught

Some people try to buy things that cannot be bought

Some run after power or position

While others run after love or recognition

So many things that people run after

But don’t become a slave or it will be your master

Like how some live to work whereas others work to live

So many people want to receive but not many want to give

And some live in the moment, others live in the past

But the future is coming pretty fast

And some would say life’s all about family, happiness, and friends

But do you know where you go when your story ends

My brothers and sisters you are so much more

You are more than the challenges you face

You are more than the things you chase

You are more than the situations that come your way

You are more than the words that other people say

You are bigger than your mistakes if you only knew

You are bigger than all these things you have been through

There is more to life than what you see

There is so much more to life that you and I could be

See, that’s why I have a different definition

Because I like to see things with spiritual intuition

So, I’m chasing things that last, not the things that come to pass

I’m focused on a future amongst a heavenly class

And If life is a test, my only option is to pass

But I have a lot of questions and so I ask

Who am I and why was I made?

God made me realize a price was paid

And this price was paid for you and for me

I never knew that I was blind until the day that I could see

Cause I heard about the one called Jesus

And how he bled and died and rose again and came to save us

And free us from sin and reconcile us to him

So now I win cause I’m born again in his kingdom with freedom

Peace, Salvation, Grace, Eternal Life and so much more

That’s why Jesus is the one I live for

And so, I pray we all recognize what is at stake

Because the day will come when we all have a choice to make

I pray we choose life, I pray we choose Jesus Christ

So, we can celebrate together in eternal life.

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