The War Against Ignorance [Poem]

People are addicted to drugs and addicted to pornography

Hating their own bodies, this isn’t how it ought to be

Ignoring the truth, they walk through life and lose

Wise in their own eyes, they make themselves fools

A lot of men want one thing from the ladies

Look at the teens, we have babies having babies

And on the media, nothing sells like sex

Women are objectified and treated like objects

More divorces that our society endorses

We have very few positive resources

Our Children are growing up and don’t know what to believe in

Cause everyone around them behaves like a heathen

Vanity is the thing that people chase

I heard someone was killed because of a parking space

It’s sad to see how iniquity

Has somehow become normality

I even heard about a lady who committed suicide

Because she could not bear the pain on the inside

She saw no point in living, she saw one way out

She said her life was full of misery, sadness, and doubt

So many people are wasting their lives

But life is a gift from God; life is so precious

They are in desperate need of a hero

But the one God, the one way, they don’t know

These people are crying, these people are dying

They lost all hope; they are tired of trying

They perish for lack of knowledge

Living in sin, living in bondage

But there is hope, it’s called the gospel

My question is where are God’s people?

Because they cannot believe what they have not heard

That’s the reason why we got to spread the word

I heard the earnest expectation of all creation

Is waiting for the manifestation

Of the sons of God, do you know what that means

They are waiting for you to step on the scene…

To spread the gospel more than ever before

To heal the brokenhearted and preach to the poor

His word is the cure for their sickness

His word is the light for their darkness

His word is the hope for their depression

His word is the answer for their question

It’s time to be a vessel he can use for his glory

We got to share his love and preach him boldly

He who wins souls is wise

Listen it’s time to open your eyes

Don’t you realize that we’re at war?

We’ve got to fight the good fight, I can’t take it anymore…

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