For My Good [Poem]

When things happen in my life, that i don't understand. I put my trust in God, i know he has a master plan. God has a purpose behind every problem. Even though there're times that we're not able to solve em. I won't be bitter, Father, make me better. I see your unconditional love when i read your love letter. So i'll focus on your plan not my problem or my pain Knowing fully well, you can break every chain. You can bring something good out of something bad. So give me beauty for ashes, take my sorrow, make me glad. Conform me more into the image of your son So i'm looking more like him by the time that this is done. With more patience and character and moral fiber. These stumbling blocks are stepping stones that take me higher. So i refuse to despair, i refuse to be depressed. I'll focus on you, cause in you i find my rest. Cause you said you'll never leave me so that's been understood So regardless of what i face, i know it's all working for my good So a mess becomes a message, a test becomes a testimony I guess it's like a rite of passage, In the end you get all the glory!

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