They Say [Poem]

I saw that mouthpiece that they said would never talk I saw those baby feet that they said would never walk I heard that lion that they said would never roar I’ve seen that eagle that they said would never soar I saw those wings they said would never fly I dreamt those dreams that they were going to die

I heard the voice that they said could never sing I gave the offering that they said wasn't worth a thing

I saw those eyes that they said would never see

I saw that black president that they said would never be

I heard that album that they said would be a flop

But it became platinum once the album dropped

I’m that boy that they said would never be a man

It took a while but now I finally understand

That look, regardless of what people say

The impossible is happening every single day

Now I’m following a trend that will eternally last

See if I put God first, I can never be last

I’m moving towards the future, letting go of the past

And while I’m at it, I’m having a blast

I heard the story that they said was never told

I found that treasure that’s worth a lot more than gold

I learned that lesson that they say we’d never learn

I got the respect that they said I’d never earn

I made the A that they said I’d never make

I took the risk that they said I’d never take

I’m that shot that they thought wouldn’t score

That success story despite closed doors

People say a lot of things but don’t let it phase you

Hate you behind your back, but in front they praise you

But don’t listen to what they say because it’s not true

God knew exactly what he was doing when he made you

Everybody is putting words in my ear

But when I really need them, they seem to disappear

So, excuse me for not caring what they say

I choose God’s truth over their lies any day

Look even if you’re short, make sure your standing tall

In this life, we live, make sure you give it your all

You either go all out or don’t go out at all

And when your backs against the wall Jesus is the name you call

I’m not out here trying to get people like me

I just want them to start to think like me

And be more focused on what the word of God has to say

Instead of what other people have to say

Cause I promise that more than likely

His spirit will lead them to do right like spike lee

Love me or Hate me, it’s really up to you

But I’m unapologetic about my theological views

I truly believe that there’s identity in Jesus

We’re all broken but he can fix the pieces

He gives me joy, joy like a river

And he keeps that fire burning so I never shiver

He never gives me more than I can bear

So even when I feel that life is unfair

I put my trust in the one who is always there

So, let them talk, it only falls on deaf ears

I know whose report I’ll believe and it’s not my peers

So, I’m alleviated of my fears


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