Morning Devotion [Poem]

Early in the morning, it’s a brand-new day

But before I step out, I take a knee to pray

I’ve learned to face the lord before I face the day

Vocalizing thoughts in my head and this is what I say

Father, thank you for today

Thank you for your spirit that leads me on my way

Make me more anxious to give than I am to receive

More likely to believe your word than to disbelieve

More eager to understand than to be understood

More likely be a doer of the things that are good

More thoughtful of others, and less about me

Give me eyes to see what other men can’t see

Impart to me, the will to do your word

And let me see no grey, don’t let my vision be blurred

Cause there’s a clear distinction between wrong and right

So, lead me to do right, day or night

It’s not by power or by my might, but by your holy ghost

Humble me lord so in you alone I will boast

Cause there’s a tendency to swell when things are going well

But every man had pride before the day he fell

And you resist the proud and raise up the humble

I know the ball’s in my court but I don’t want to fumble

Clothe me with humility and grace to please you

And increase the passion of my pursuit of you

Grant me a steady flow of revelation

Grant me grace and strength for any situation

Increase in me a burning desire to reach the lost

And to display your love regardless of the cost

Grant me an enhanced ability to hear your voice

And the spirit of wisdom every time I make a choice

Grant me the ability to seek that which is truthful

And to know you are my source and bear fruits that are fruitful

Multiply what I have like you did with the loaves and fishes

Yet help me still be humble enough to wash the dishes

I want my light to shine bright, day and night

On and off the stage, not just when I’m in the spotlight

And most importantly lord, empty my heart

Of anyone and anything that will keep us apart. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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