The Reason for Purpose

If someone asked you what is the most important word in the English dictionary, how would you respond? What words would come to mind? I asked myself that question and pondered about it for quite some time before I finally came up with an answer. To me, the most important word in the English dictionary today is Purpose.

Purpose is defined as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. As we look around the world today, everything we see has purpose. Everything we touch, buy, use, consume, notice, etc. It all has some sort of purpose. Can you imagine meeting someone who walks into a store saying, “I’m about to buy something useless that I have absolutely no use for.” What about someone who says, “I’m about to create something useless that no one will ever have a use for.” Now imagine career day at school and a little child says, “I want to work in a useless field that does not help anyone in anyway at any given time or place.” I said all that to say this: our lives are built around purpose. We are purpose-built individuals, we may not always be purpose-driven but that doesn’t change the fact that we are purpose-built.

Think about our phones, our cars, our houses, our clothes, our food, our money, etc. everything manufactured was made with a purpose. How much more us? I’ve come to realize that purpose implies two things – we were created for something and we were created by someone. I personally feel that purpose is the reason an atheist argument about the nonexistence of God falls flat. How can a purpose-built world be an accident? We did not come up with ourselves, nor are we simply just products of chance; chemicals and atoms lining together at the right moment. Completely giving in to the science spectrum can reason away any sense of humanity and turn the human experience into something meaningless and insignificant which can lead to nihilism – a world void of true meaning and purpose. But I believe we were made on purpose for a purpose and our manufacturer is God. To truly understand a product, you must ask the manufacturer of that product what his intention was… and that is why we must make it a point to know God.

Nobody lives as though their life has no purpose or meaning. We are all striving to leave a mark: whether the mark is with our family, friends, our society, social media, the system, the culture, the industry, or even in the hearts of those we love – we are all striving to leave a mark somewhere. We are all trying to live as though our lives have meaning and purpose.

A world without God is a world where we come up with our definition and meaning for our lives and in that world, what right do we have to say that our definition of life, definition of right and wrong is any better or worse than anyone else’s. In that world, it’s simply to each its own… since we have no meaning and are simply here by accident and nothing we do truly has any eternal significance, consequence, or impact… then why do anything at all? Or why stop others who want to do as they please? If when its all said and done, we all vanish into nothingness in the end then it’s a very sad world we live in and we have no hope we can look forward to. I don’t want to live in that kind of world… and I thank God that I don’t.

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