Our Response Matters

Our Response To God Matters. There are times when God is tugging at our hearts and revealing new revelation to us, asking us to do certain things or go about doing something that has not been done. How do we respond in those moments?

God spoke to Zechariah through an angel telling him that he would have a son who would do great and mighty things for God. All though scripture we see this happening, the miracle of being able to be with child even in your old age... yet Zechariah had doubts in his heart that this would happen. Zechariah was a priest, knowledgeable of scripture, he knew in his head that all things were possible with God but he had a hard time believing it in his heart. That head knowledge didn’t transfer to heart knowledge.

Mary on the other hand, the angel of the lord told her she would be with child and she also questioned it but not the same way that Zechariah did... she wanted to know how would God do it since she wasn’t married and was a virgin. As soon as she heard that God would fill her up, she said be it unto me according to your word. She responded in faith, she believed in her heart that God would do it even when all the head knowledge was not there. And this was something that had never been done but she believed. If she was knowledgeable of the history of her people she would know God was a God of miracles and that was enough to make her believe and get excited. Elizabeth, the wife of Zechariah confirmed Mary’s belief in God when she said, blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what the lord had spoken to her.

Our response to God Matters: he wants to do a new thing. He wants to bless someone through you, encourage someone through you, reach someone through you, empower someone through you, he wants to do a new thing in your job, in your marriage, in your home, in your school, in your family, in you.... but the question is, will we respond in doubt like Zechariah did or will we say, be it unto me according to your word!!!

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